Super Banana Bread Recipe

Recently we posted a picture of a Banana loaf that I had made, and we had a great reaction to it, with a few people contacting us to ask for the recipe. As it’s a recipe that I have adapted over the years to my own liking, and I can’t really remember where the original was from, I feel like it is ok to share it with everyone in case you want to have a go. This is a cake that has proved popular on wedding flower consultations with our happy couples.

I usually put quite a lot more dried fruit in than there is in this picture, but I didn’t have much in on the day so just used what I had. You can put loads in, or leave it out altogether if you’re not a fan. I know lots of people don’t like raisins and the likes.

I hope you enjoy the cake if you make it, and we would love to see pictures of your versions and any tips for improvements to the recipe.

The recipe makes 2 loaves, I tend to make 2 of everything whenever I am cooking or baking if at all possible and then either freeze the second or give it away, depending on how generous I am feeling and how much space is in the freezer. I have 3 boys and a husband as well as myself and having things in the freezer that I can just grab in the morning to defrost while I am out all day is a Godsend, especially in our busiest times of peak wedding season and Christmas. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

Here is the recipe:

Super Banana Bread (makes 2 loaves)

You will need:


2 x 1lb loaf tins

loaf tin liners (these aren’t essential but it makes life easier if you’re transporting or freezing, if you decide not to use them, you’ll need to grease your tins)

An electric mixer (either hand like I use, or a fancy stand mixer which my very lucky sister in law just received for her birthday and I am very jealous)


110g Butter (you can use marg if you prefer)

400g Golden Caster Sugar (white is fine too)

2 medium eggs

6 really ripe bananas (it works best with bananas that you look at in the bowl and think, eeps I better bin those)

500g self raising flour (I have read so many times that you should pay more for your flour and stick with a branded option, but I usually use Aldi and I think it’s great)

Pinch of salt or a couple of twists of the grinder

1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

The quantities of nutmeg and cinnamon are approximate, I just tend to sprinkle it in straight from the jar but I do know from experience you can ruin it if you slip, so it’s probably best to be cautious with it.

2 or 3 big fistfuls of sultanas or raisins.


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 160 c for a fan (maybe 180 for not a fan)
  2. Grease your loaf tins if you’re not using a liner. I would use room temperature butter, or sometimes I cheat with a few sprays of buttery fry light for quickness.
  3. Mash up your bananas (great for venting a bit of frustration)
  4. Using a large mixing bowl cream together your butter and sugar.
  5. Crack your eggs into a jug or bowl and then pour onto the butter and sugar mix
  6. Add your banana mash to the mix and then beat it all together.
  7. Mix in your flour (I don’t usually bother sieving for this cake) and the salt.
  8. Pour approximately half into each loaf tin.
  9. Sling them in your preheated oven. They will usually take between 45 minutes and an hour to cook, I really have no idea why one day they take so much longer than another. I usually check them at about 30 minutes and turn the heat down and bit if they look like they are going a bit brown too quickly and then again at 45 minutes. If they look cooked at 45 minutes I push a butter knife into the middle of the loaf to see if it comes out clean (bear in mind there is banana in there so it may not come out as clean as with a sponge cake, but you can tell what is banana and what is uncooked cake) if it does it’s cooked. If not, keep an eye on it while it finishes off.
  10. Lift out of the oven and cool, put the kettle on.
  11. Try to be patient enough not to burn yourself when you have a slice with a brew!!

Hope you enjoy your cake.

Alison & Clare