From Seed Tray to Bouquet


We start most of our flowers off from seed in early spring. They begin life in small pots on the kitchen window sill, before moving into the greenhouse, where they are pricked out in to larger trays. When they have grown large enough to plant out, they are removed from the greenhouse and left out in there trays fr several days to harden off, before moving out, to be hand planted in the field.


  Over the late spring and early summer periods the flowers grow, we water if needed, feed, weed, and support each plant in order to produce the best flowers we possibly can. When ready to harvest, we go out early in the morning, when they are the most hydrated and carefully select the perfect blooms to cut and place directly into buckets of water.


Once we have picked everything we need, we take the flowers back to the workshop, where they are then left for several hours to have a really good drink and perk up.


We then select the individual flowers we would like for each bouquet, before laying them out on the worktop ready to arrange into a glorious hand tied bouquet.


Many thanks to Jo Rutherford Photography for capturing us in action.