Wedding Flowers – Your Questions Answered.

Over the years we have been asked lots of different questions from Bride’s and groom’s. Here are answers to some of the most common ones regarding their wedding flowers.

A marquee pole decorated with hanging flowers.

Which flowers will last the longest during our wedding day without wilting?

We only ever use flowers in our bouquets and buttonholes that we know should survive the day, if you ask about a certain flower we will give you honest guidance as to how we feel it will last. There are certain things you can do to improve their longevity -We deliver all our bouquets and buttonholes in water and recommend that you leave them drinking as long as possible. You just need to remove them from the vase (or test tube as in the case of buttonholes) pat the stems dry with a towel and they are ready to go. We also recommend that any hand-tied bridal bouquets go back into a vase of water soon after you finish carrying them (usually when you sit down for your wedding breakfast). They can also double up then, as part of the table decorations.

table scape of pink and cream flowers

Which flowers will be in season for my wedding, and do the flowers I like, have special meanings?

These would be a whole blog post on its own (look out for it soon). We can give you full guidance to your flower choices, either via email or at the consultation. We can also tell you if your favourite flower variety is likely to be available on your chosen date.


What do you recommend for buttonholes that we need to collect the day before the wedding?

As all of our buttonholes come in test tubes of water (we don’t tend to use the old fashioned taped and wired method any more), as long as they are kept cool overnight. We can use any flowers that you would normally choose for a buttonhole that was being created on the wedding day.


I want fragrant flowers for my wedding, can you help?

As our flowers are mainly home grown and not artificially cooled, air freighted or treated with lots of chemicals they retain a lot more scent than imported varieties, which are grown to last, not for scent. Sweet peas, lavender, hyacinths, narcissus and herbs are our favourite additions for a scented bouquet.

British flower jam jar posies

Are you able to personally deliver my flowers on the day of my wedding, to the church, venue and my house?

Subject to having no other bookings for your wedding date, we can certainly offer local delivery. We charge a small fee to cover our car costs on orders below £1000, and above that North West delivery is free of charge.


Will buying seasonal flower save me money?

Every wedding is different and so many things alter the price, but by using flowers that are in season for your wedding you will save considerable amounts, over out of season imports which are usually poorer quality as well as being more expensive.

Kiran Mark 444

How much will my wedding flowers cost?

We work to anyone’s budget, just let us know how much you have to spend and we will try and very best to create floral designs that fit. Our average wedding costs £1000.

If you have any other questions about your wedding flowers, please let us know and we will try our best to help.