Thinking About Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers?

From June through until late SeptemberThe Flower Farm offers buckets of seasonal and sustainably grown flowers for DIY wedings, Christenings and other events.

Each bucket contains a seasonal mix of freshly cut flowers and foliages and are priced at £50 per bucket (2017 price).IMG_1051

Are DIY Flowers An Option For Us?

Do you like the idea of designing your own floral arrangements for your wedding or special event? Buying bulk flowers by the bucket from us can be a budget friendly option for brides (or family or friends) who have the time and the talent to create their own designs. Before you decide, we encourage you to consider these questions:

Do you have enough time? The week of your wedding can be a hectic time for many couples, and it is easy to underestimate the time you’ll need to complete your floral designs—from flower pickup and preparation to final set up and placement at your event. Make sure you have sufficient time, and help available to complete the tasks at hand.

Do you have enough people to help put together the arrangements? Floral design for weddings isn’t something you’ll want to tackle alone, especially for beginners. We typically have a team of three experienced designers working on wedding flowers for 2-3 days prior to weddings.

Do you have a workspace to do the design work? Floral design is messy work, so you’ll need a space that is cool, has access to water and where it won’t matter if the space gets wet and dirty from all the cut leaves and stems.

Do you have all the tools you will need?You’ll need good scissors, knives, secateurs among other key sundries.

Do you have the ability to transport and store the designs once you have created your designs? If you are doing the design work somewhere other than the venue, you’ll need to figure out how to safely transport lots of vases filled with flowers and water.

If you answered yes to all of the above, then DIY designs with fresh, local, seasonal flowers  can be a great option for you! blue and white wedding flowers


How do I order buckets flowers?
Please complete our contact form or email to confirm availability of buckets of flowers  for your date and any specific colour requests along with the preferred pick-up date. Once confirmed, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of £50. With the balance being due two weeks before the big day.

How many stems come in a bucket?
The number of stems will vary and will depend on what the varieties that are in bloom at that time. We estimate that buckets will have at least 50 – 70 stems.
How many arrangements can be made with each bucket?
It depends on your vases. As a reference, you could fill at least 10 jam jars depending on how full and lush you make them.

Can I request specific flowers in my buckets?
If you have a particular favourite, we will do our best to accommodate you, but our buckets of flowers are purely seasonal and contain a mixture of what is in bloom at that time.

How long will the flowers last?
It depends on the variety, but most will last for a week if cared for properly. Sweet peas are one of the exceptions as they have a shorter vase life only lasting 3-6 days, but their beauty and scent makes up it! We recommend for a wedding that you would get your flowers 2  days before the event.

Where do I keep the flowers?
It is recommended to keep them in a cool room or garage, out of direct sunlight and away from food and pets.

When can I pick up my flowers?
For Saturday weddings, most people pick up their flowers on Thursday mornings, but with enough advanced notice, we can accommodate your schedule. Please note that flowers should be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle that has seats that fold down flat.

Should I bring my own buckets?
Bringing your own buckets is not required, we provide the flowers fully conditioned, in florist buckets filled with water containing flower food.

Can you provide basic design tutorials?
Floral design assistance and planning is not included with your bucket flower purchase, however we do run workshops tailor made to your needs if required.